Realism and Surrealism.



Welcome to the fork in the road!  Which way do you want to go now?

Some time back I unknowingly began to compartmentalize my work, possibly because I have two distinct audiences, one for my visual art and one for my masks, with near zip overlap.  This funky dimorphism -- that I still cannot figure out -- bled through to stain everything it touched, hampering not only my creative output but also warping the way I think and attempt to live.

It gave me a nasty shock, to recognize this.  I got a second shock, nastier than the first, when I saw the impact it'd had on me, forcing me to juggle modes
, constantly switching back and forth/froth just so I could function.  After years of being stuck in a weird, perpetual state of hyper-alert exhaustion -- always vexed, usually disoriented, with instinct loudly yelling at me that something was out of skew on a treadle at the mill -- I at last knew why.

So, having
victoriously dealt with a few 'ghosts', I'm coalescing -- that's a lovely word, isn't it -- as it were, and getting reacquainted with my Self.  But this isn't reinvention.  It isn't that simple. 

It's flying blind, having to recreate the stolen pages of a vandalized manuscript to bridge the sundered halves with only wisps of memory to go on.  I'm pretty sure I'll be cranking out some amusing crap as I grope my way along
-- if you can't laugh at yourself first you've got no business laughing at anyone else.

Sturgeon's Law, and all that.  That's how exploration and serendipity work/happen.

But there're no maps or signposts ahead, nor any
kindly seer-sages to steer me away from The Bad Places, either.  There's just me and my Muse.  This forgotten turf has overgrown and evolved into a unknown world, Terra Incognita at its purest, most exotic and perilously mysterious.

It's going to be an interesting journey -- no, wait.

It's going to be an adventure, and you're invited to come along.  Grab your grip and let's go.

~ Ryl (WINGING IT) Mandus

p.s.  take notes; there'll be a pop quiz in the morning.
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